Best of Show is awarded to the single best entry in the competition.

Saul Bell 2019 Best In Show Winner

By every measure of what makes a great teacher, Saul Bell was an incredible teacher, going above and beyond to help jewellers learn and perfect their craft. Through this competition—now celebrating 20 years of innovative designers—Rio Grande honours the giving spirit, boundless generosity, and wealth of knowledge of its founder, Saul Bell, and carries on the legacy he left for us.

Creativity through time

Artistic Progression

I have just been awarded the outright winner of the Australian Jewellery Designer Award for 2019 and am very grateful.

Debbie’s work was exhibited in the Masters Exhibition at the National Wool Museum.

In 2017 I was invited to be one of the five judges for the Saul Bell Award and felt very privileged.

In 2016 I was thrilled to win the prestigious international  Saul Bell Award in the enamel category.

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You obviously need a really good sense of design to carry it off, an amazing sense of colour, and it requires an enormous amount of patience.

Tim Peel, President of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia

Debbie is very much an example of how Australian craftspeople are up there with the very best in the world

Tim Peel, President of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia
I have a love of natural history, patterning, and of course colour, from which I get my inspiration. Enamels have a brilliance and range of colour that no other medium offers the jeweller to embellish their work. This beautiful and ancient art/craft has been used by the most famous jewellers, Lalique, Cartier etc. and the strict rules and difficulties of application which must be adhered to, should be appreciated by the viewer.
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